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    Launching Abundance to 6.4 million people meant building out a sales funnel that rocked!
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Words from our Clients


Joe Polish

Founder, Genius Network
Beyond making websites that look awesome, they spend a lot of time learning the most effective marketing strategies. If you want to work with a company that I think has tremendous integrity, will do a great job for you, and really cares about their clients, take a look at Yazamo, they're awesome, and I highly recommend them.
Beyond making websites that look awesome, they spend a lot of time learning the most effective marketing strategies. If you want to work with a company that I think has...
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Oliver Keller

Director of Sales and Marketing, Meltmedia
Yazamo creates something that not only looks visually right on, but also reflects your values, concepts, products, and your organization- a rare find in a space overflowing with mediocrity.

Dan Kuschell

Founder, Prosperity Based Living
I really appreciate the time Yazamo takes to strategize with me on every project. They deliver results and one of the few who really get Marketing!

Mike Davis

Founder, Mhfive
Working with these guys was awesome! I had a project on a ridiculous deadline and was left holding the bag by a previous company, honestly Yazamo saved my ass! Would recommend them to anyone!
Working with these guys was awesome! I had a project on a ridiculous deadline and was left holding the bag by a previous company, honestly Yazamo saved my ass! Would...
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David Jensen

#1 Bestselling Author & CEO of The Hiring Academy
I'm not a techie guy. So I like to say what I want and let the "web guys" figure out how to make it happen. The Yazamo guys do just that, with no stress added. They understand my layman's terms, create innovative designs and are actually fun to work with!
I'm not a techie guy. So I like to say what I want and let the "web guys" figure out how to make it happen. The Yazamo guys do just...
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Tim Hargis

Founder, Valley Goldmine and Clothing Cycle
Yazamo really helped us define our mobile marketing strategy when this was an area we were unable to effectively navigate previously. The mobile site they developed helped increase our online lead conversions by 21%.
Yazamo really helped us define our mobile marketing strategy when this was an area we were unable to effectively navigate previously. The mobile site they developed helped increase our online...
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Abundance sales funnel launch

This campaign was built around the relaunch of the best selling book, Abundance, co-authored by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. The purpose of the launch was to grow the community around Abundance while offering several products to teach and sell on the topics of Abundance and Exponential Thinking.

CopywritingDesignDevelopmentLaunch SupportOptimizationSales Funnel
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Abundance Community Growth

Abundance Community Growth
One of the major goals of this campaign was to spread the ideas behind Abundance and Exponential Thinking and change the way the world thinks. In order to do this, we needed to get in front of bigger audiences and capture their information to grow this community. Our total list size growth was over 46,000 people during this campaign.


Affiliate Traffic

Affiliates were lined up to leverage wide reaching, nurtured, and pre-existing communities. Affiliates were incentivized with payouts as well as a prize competition. Total affiliate mail-outs reached 6.4 million people.

Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic

Once affiliate traffic was exhausted and the sales funnel was optimized, we turned to paid traffic to continue driving traffic through our funnel.


To create an incredible offer to get people opted into our sales funnel, Abundance was given away for only shipping and handling. In addition to the free book, three valuable training videos were also given away to push the free line and build value with new buyers. Through the use of a strategically timed release, additional products were introduced and sold, with prices ranging from $194 to $12,000. After everything was said and done, we sold over 18,000 books and had more than $500,000 in sales through this campaign.

Campaign Optimization

Campaign Optimization
In order to maximize campaign success, optimization was needed to increase conversions and sales on the back-end. This was performed through A/B and multivariate testing of design, copy, video, and functional changes to the sales funnel.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation
This campaign was built with marketing automation to maximize conversions and minimize ongoing effort. Areas of the launch support were also automated to reduce on going effort.

Launch Support

Launch Support

Launch support was provided throughout the campaign to coordinate fulfillment, provide user-error support, handle customer requests, add additional changes, and more.


Xpandu Community Website

Xpandu is like KickStarter for collaborative projects. Instead of raising money, the site helps users get people to contribute their expertise and time to tasks which users need to complete their project. Projects could be anything from robotics to video production to web development. In return for completing tasks, users get points and access to better talent in the community to build their own projects.

DesignDevelopmentGamificationUser Experience
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User Engagement/Gamification

Gamification was designed into the core functionality of Xpandu to increase user engagement and collaboration to achieve epic results.

User are rewarded with points by:

  • Completing project tasks
  • Returning to the site every day

"Playing a game together builds up bonds, trust, and cooperation and we actually build stronger social relationships as a result."

Jane McGonigal


Organic User Growth

We built Xpandu so that referring friends to the site would be beneficial to a user in two ways.

  1. Inviting friends will inherently improve the community and chances of successfully completing a user's project.
  2. We also rewarded these referals by giving out points which are used to incentivize the best talent to contribute and complete the user's own personal projects.



Xpandu features not only the best projects but user rankings by day, month, and year to further incentivize participation.


WFBSC Conference 2014 Lead Generation Website

The main purpose of this website was to register attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to the WFBSC Conference hosted by Harvard Maintenance.

DesignDevelopmentResponsive LayoutUser Experience
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CAPTUring new audiences

Register Attendees

The most important goal of the site was to facilitate the registration of 1,200 attendees for the conference at a price point of $1,495/person. To achieve this goal, the user experience was simplified for attendees to quickly sign up and answer questions they might have.

Register sponsors and exhibitors

Register Sponsors and Exhibitors

It was important to pick up sponsors and exhibitors to fill out the conference experience and to cover costs to bring in speakers like Steve Forbes and Peter Diamandis. The site was created to allow exhibitors to easily answer their questions, register, and find answers related to logistics of the conference, therefor reducing ongoing support.

Build list for future events

Build a List for Future Events

Because Harvard Maintenance was interested in hosting the WFBSC conference in the future, it was important to build a list of attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors to market to for future conferences.

Educate and assist conference participants

Educate and Assist Conference Participants

With an event as complex as a major conference, the website content and user experience was created to assist participants with information on conference sessions, activities, travel arrangements, and more. By providing more information on the website in a simplified design, we improved the conference experience and reduced ongoing support.

Responsive design

Responsive Design

It was extremely important to have information on-the-go at an all-day conference. We made this website easy to use and view on all devices from phones, to tablets, to desktop devices.


Gilbert Center Educational Website

Gilbert Center wanted to create a website which educated their patients, solved some of their in-office problems, and was accesible from anywhere.

DevelopmentResponsive Layout
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Educate and assist conference participants

Educate Patients

Patient education was extremely important for Gilbert Center. We created an extensive medical library for patients to access and referrence on the Gilbert Center website.

Reduce Office Wait Time

Reduce Office Wait Time

We changed the patient experience by moving their patient forms online and allowing patients to fill them out before their visit. This reduced patient wait time in the office and improved the amount of patients which could be seen during the day.

Responsive design

Responsive Design

Gilbert Center had lots of patients searching for them on the go so we created a responsive website which would be accessible by any mobile or desktop device.

WFBSC Conference 2014
Gilbert Center
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We specialize in creating websites and sales funnels that effectively capture leads, increase sales, and build communities to market and interact with for years to come. Whether that means using marketing automation, creating responsive websites, writing persuasive copy, performing split testing, we do it all! Visit our Work Page to see some of the work we’ve done. And if you live in the Phoenix area, come drop in!

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We support Kiva

Dornubari Vizor grew up in Africa spending three years in UN refugee camps. Since then, he has been passionate about finding solutions to combat the poverty he grew up with. Dornubari and Jeremy both shared their passion for helping others and co-founded Yazamo, with a mission to match every contract with a loan through Kiva for a deserving entrepreneur in need.

  • Microfinance helps very poor households meet basic needs and protect against risks.
  • The use of financial services by low-income households is associated with improvements in household economic welfare and enterprise stability or growth.
  • By supporting women’s economic participation, microfinance helps to empower women, thus promoting gender-equity and improving household well-being.
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