If you've made any of these mistakes, you are not alone. We have developed the Yazamo Lifecycle Marketing Process for businesses like yours. By investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into years of testing, tracking, and working on large scale marketing campaigns that generated millions in sales, the Yazamo Lifecycle Marketing Process was developed to ensure you avoid making these types of mistakes in the future.

Site Traffic After Our Campaign Before Our Campaign

Just to be completely clear, our approach is NOT a quick fix.

We don’t have a crystal ball into your business that tells us exactly how your customers will respond. This means it may take a couple months for us to learn and adapt before you see a return on investment. What we do know is the process and the strategies used have produced results for many of our clients, often doubling their investment after two months.

The Yazamo Lifecycle Marketing Process is designed to increase leads and sales quickly, but it is also designed to scale and multiply the lifetime value of each customer.

Our approach systematically targets the areas of your marketing that will produce the quickest results, while gradually optimizing your strategy to build lifetime value. Our Lifecycle Marketing Process is designed specifically to dig deep and identify how to convert your leads into sales, how to convert those sales into lifetime customers, and how to turn those lifetime customers into raving fans who refer you business.